This may be my favorite piece of jewelry ever given to me (minus the engagement and wedding rings from my hunk of a husband). 

Addie got a bracelet making kit from her Aunt Laura for Christmas. She wanted to make one for me (awwww), and after helping her sound out the letters for M-O-M she wanted it to say “Momma”. I was busy in the kitchen while she was working on her project, so before I could offer more help on the spelling, I hear “oops mom, I put the “a” upside down.” It is, absolutely, my favorite part of the bracelet. It’s perfectly imperfect.

Just as I am.

Being called “mom” was always a heart-longing of mine- and now I have two tiny humans that refer to me as such (although the younger one tends to pronounce it “MA!” with a lot of gusto and a titch of whine).

It’s a lot of work, this momming. Take today for example. I tried putting hats, mittens, and gloves on my 1 year old before I was ready to walk out the door into below zero temps (all of which instantly flew off, leaving a trail behind her), I pinched Addie’s leg in her carseat buckle, Addie called her sister “annoying”, I’m pretty sure Whine-Magee 1 and Whine-Magee 2 were in cahoots to try and take me down, and lots of testing limits and tears. There are many moments in a single day that I have to remind myself that my children are not perfect either.

It is in, not despite, the difficult moments and days that I learn how to be a better mom, a better follower of Jesus. Thank you Addie for this daily reminder.

BONUS PHOTO! (Who doesn’t love those?) When Addie saw me taking a picture of my bracelet she wanted to help. She wanted to add the bracelet she made for herself, and the random gold berries she found (duh), to the picture. I let her place them however she wanted. I do my best to allow my girls to create without tampering with their work (“let it go, let it goooooo”). And, yes, that is a donut charm.

  1. I love how personal you get with your posts thank you!

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